Apply for Scholarship

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Eligibility Requirements:

A. Must be a member of Zion Lutheran Church

B. May be entering any type of post-high school educational program

C. Must use the scholarship within the current school year

Application process:

A. Complete the entire application

B. Include THREE letters of reference from someone other than relatives

C. Submit completed application form and reference letters to the church office NO LATER THAN APRIL 10, 2017.

Criteria and Selection Process:

A. The recipient(s) will be chosen by the Zion Lutheran Scholarship Committee

B. The number and amount of the scholarship(s) will be determined annually by the Zion Lutheran Scholarship Committee pending approval from the Zion Church Council

C. The applicants participation in church related activities will be considered

D. Careers related directly to service in the church will be considered

E. The scholarship recipient(s) will be presented a Zion Scholarship Certificate at their designated high school awards ceremony held at the end of the school year, and will be recognized at Zion's Senior Recognition Sunday by the Church Council President at the designated worship service in May.

Payment of the Scholarship:

A. The Church Treasurer will make scholarship payment after recipient completes the school verification form for the registration to their particular educational program, which is presented to the recipient(s) along with their Zion Scholarship Certificate.

B. Scholarship(s) payment will be made in one payment to the school in which the recipients(s) is registered

Important Facts:

A. Number of scholarships: 2

B. Amount of scholarship: $500.00

C. Due date for submitting applications: April 10, 2017.

D. Applications and letters of reference must be given or sent to the following person/address:

Zion Lutheran Church Secretary

Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 125

221 N. Lockwood St.

Woodville, WI 54028

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cheryl Slind, Zion Scholarship Committee Member, 715-684-3635.